Peter CottonTale

"F U (Rizzmix)"

Ya name ain't mortgage so you ain't important/f**k you be snortin viruses need norton/
They can get knocked off for off white on sight in broad daylight...oh now you tight...unh/confidence like this ain't cheap...make em break-fast, like got damn..beep beep/
At palm trees and ogs/bumpin ot/yall en-vy/while i be/in n-v/at the ceasers...feast/with the jesus...piece/I just need to here go a a n***a outta jail, he ain't free...he re-leased...unh/yea unh yea..whoa/have that red light on ya like time warner cable/got no time for them...but you know im able/keep the horse in stable/went to paris & saw crazy horse/our benz speeding like a crazy horse... whooooa/brick house stalli-on with the rhymin don/we can catch a coach & head straight to lon-don/sippin dus-se in dusseldorf...fireworks like it is the fourth...b*t*h I use the force/these people clockin...I call it g shockin/i give em work but I ain't go clock in/rizzo gun please dont make me c*ck it/they want to ride b*t*h I ain't a c*ckpit...fuuuck...yoooou
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