Peter CottonTale

"Highlight the Moon"

[Verse 1]
Where have you gone?
And why aren't you here?
Will you come back?
I need you near
Cause you're my night and you're my day
You are my stars and my sunray

[Verse 2]
Didn't you know how much I cared?
I guess that you, you, you, you were unaware
I was standing under the light
Waiting to be in your line of sight

And I don't know how it came to be that
That you were the one in my destiny, yeah
Things work themselves out eventually, oh oh
Fate, oh, fate is crazy

[Verse 3]
My pillow stains, are tears of your face
In liquid form, a heart that was scorned
Oh I cut you, with my broken glass
After you saved me from my shattered past
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