Peter CottonTale

"Cocoa Butter Chrisses"

Ah! Ah! Ah!
Whatever Chance the Rapper be sayin', ya know

[Verse 1]
Ain't no more cocoa butter kisses; I'm living alone, no Mrs
But when I get down, I roll my feelings up into some swishes
Then go DoorDash me some Wendy's 'cause that 4 for $4 delicious
Then beat my meat until I need a whole new box of tissues

[Verse 2]
n***as got issues with me and it's clear to see
I ain't even wearing glasses but this kush got sh*t lookin' different to me
Moving slower than molasses, skippin' all my classes just to go get asses
Or maybe drop a couple acid tablets
'Cause this life sh*t is hard but the drugs make it flaccid
The whole world is fake, might as well be plastic
Isolated in my room like a whole jail cell
Maybe jail is where I'm headed 'cause I got an 8th in the wood and a zip on the shelf
Spending money, I regret it and I know this stressing ain't good for my health
It'll kill me if I let it, but truthfully, I don't even like myself
b*t*h, I know that I'm pathetic

Ah! Ah
Whatever, I love my wife
You know, Chance the Rapper stuff
You know
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