Peter CottonTale

"Find A Way (Peter CottonTale Remix)"

Look, I'ma-I'ma talk to you, can I?

[Verse 2: Grace Weber]
Even the brightest stars make shadows
There are some moments where nothing shines
You wonder if all your dreams misled you
And somehow you missed the signs

[Chorus 2: Grace Weber]
I know it's hard to face tomorrow
But you can't go back to yesterday
I don't know how you find the courage
But I know you’re gonna find a way

[Verse 1: Grace Weber]
The heart is as strong as it is fragile
It won't give up without a fight
And life has a million ways to break it
Fragments of glass and light

[Chorus 1: Grace Weber]
One day you'll wonder how you go on
And I won't have the words to say
I don't know how you keep on moving
But I know you're gonna find a way
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