Peter CottonTale

"Lady Friend"

I've got a lady, a lady friend
I've got a lady friend
I've got a lady and that lady is my
I've got a lady, I've got, I've got a lady
And that lady is my friend
I've got, I've got a lady for a friend

I'm your buddy, I'm your little bro
I'm a stuffed animal
I'm a cuddle, not a dildo

I'm a love anecdote
Was I always taller than ya?
Will I always call ya back?

I'mma always wrongly answer
Always almost caught ya trap

Imaginary beneficiary been—
Away for so long, Ben & Jerry friend

Few compliments and a tear wipe
I'm the best man you're not marrying
And you know they ask about you
"What's up with your lady?"
I tell 'em, "You're just, you're just
You're just gorgeous"

You're just a lady friend, a lady friend
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