Bobby V
[Verse 1: Bobby V]
I got a house on the hill right next to Jay-Z
And girl I'm trying to put you in it
I want lay your body down on the California king
Where's your bank account let me fill it, up
Let me have that stress girl clear your mind
If it's is a problem then you know I deal with it
Just wanna borrow you for the rest of your life
Gon' let me know if you with it

[Hook: Bobby V]
I know it ain't no price tag on you
But I'm glad I was able to cop that
Cause when they see me in the hood when I got you on
They be like, "Damn, look at the way that he rock that"
Baby I need you on my arm
Like I need a fly shirt with that big boy bright ? match
And that I need you round my waist
Like the Louis Damier with the matching Pico on my back
You're my favorite outfit (Hey) [x4]

[Verse 2: Bobby V]
I got that showroom big Coupe sitting outside
Shorty won't you take a ride up the coast?
And everywhere we go girl we see them flashing lights
We do it bigger and better than most
Let me put that lotion on your back
Laying in St. Tropez sand
And then later on, baby let me get that back
While you're screaming, "Bobby V, you're my man"


[Verse 3: CyHi Da Prynce]
You remind me of my hat cause you always on my mind
My women are like my shoes I can't go lower than a 9
But girl you fit me perfect I can't wait to sport you
Everybody want you like them jeans with the horseshoes
So jump inside this Porsche Coupe, them n***as can't afford you
I don't call it tricking, let's just say I endorse you
So leave your man, he's a lame and a dork too
All he do is whine, go and get him a corkscrew
All I'mma do is Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior you
YSL, Louboutin, Juicy Couture you
So baby make your decision cause I done made mine
I don't got a clock on my belt so I don't waste time
[Outro: Bobby V]
The way I wear your body girl, w-wear your body girl
Never wanna take you off
I'm fresher than 'em all, fresher-fresher than 'em all
When I got you hangin' on my arm