On My Mind* lyrics


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[Verse 1]
Decide me some lines need to shorten
I can't let n***as get high
I just get more real (Ooh)

Thinkin' you don't need no girl
When you move, gon' get you hurt past me
Bet you don't even miss yo' girl
I won't get the d**k I deserve (Yeah, yeah)

[Chorus: SZA, Feature? & SZA]
[?] person
I don't need to be yo' girl
I'm cool with just being your person now
Oh, what it's like to be yo' girl
We can't even sleep where
You stay on my mind
I can't regret no
Time spent witchu
And I still wondеr if you notice me, yes

[Verse 2]
If I had a dimе or two
For the cheaps you be spittin'
I'd [?]

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