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Devin The Dude

"I’ll Say Anything"


Aye aye aye
¿Que paso?
Aye, you know, doin' my thing

[Verse I]

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro...
¿Tu quiero el grande verga from the chocolaté vato?
A lot of my partnas, they say I look like Ralo
I beat the pus*y up, as if I was Héctor Camacho
Snatch a b*tch cheese from her taco
Tell her I'm head honcho. Me need me dinero, pronto
On my huevos, she like cilantro
She's kinda weird, so I dropped her ass off on Montrose
And there I saw some plump hoes, and I saw some skinny b*tches
Both sellin' they pus*y, I be penny pinchin'
Got no time for di*k itchin', b*tch get in the kitchen
And whip somethin' up, but a di*k she'd rather suck...
For a buck or two, who the f*ck are you tellin' her to stop it?
I don't buy c*ck b*tch, you got weed? I'll cop it
Go 'head and twerk it in my b*tch
Later on I'll get it wet and sloppy, heh, 'cause I be...

[Hook x 2]

I be on some pimp type stuff
I'll say anything to get a b*tch to lick my nuts
Be on some pimp type stuff
And you know me, I got the weed
Come on, let's get high, brah

[Verse II]

The homie eighty-sixed me sayin' sh*ts and giggles
I be sayin' sh*t to get my bits and kibbles
Or Kibbles 'n Bits, nipples and tits
Back in the days, yeah my waves had the ripple effect
I'll rip off your neck, if you come f*ckin' with me
'cause ya gal lickin' my balls and suckin' my D
It's rough the streets, so I just leave 'em alone
If I do some dirt, it might be in the woods back home
Where it's peaceful at. And the Sweets are fat
Back in the black Cadillac, with the beat in the back
With a freak rubbin' my sack, just to get my night started
Got my pipe hardened, she say she might record it...
At the party where we goin' later on
She play with my bone to her favorite song
She asked if I would try new things
Took some Cialis and I gave the b*tch some Biotène. Heh

[Hook x 2]

[Verse III]

I roll cigars like I'm Cuban. Serve you a Rick Rubin
Richard on rye, di*k sandwich, get to chewin'
Dude just wanted some head from the stone-cold freak
She said without bread, she don't want no meat
But I can't give you no bread, not even a end-piece
Buyin' pus*y kinda trendy, but b*tch, it offends me
Oh yo, that's your dame brah? Sure you wanna claim her?
n*gga, smell my finger, just got through stirrin' that thang up
O.G. rap singer, with the gift o' gab
Old school type lyrics, like that sh*t right there
And your b*tch might stare, when I walk in the place
Imagine me pullin' up, shootin' balls in her face
I should call it a day, 'cause I'm old an' I'm tired
But long as b*tches exist and these hoes on Live
I'm a ride, hit 'em with the old musket
Get the duck sick, and hopefully get both nuts licked (nuts licked). Ha ha

[Hook x 2]

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