Devin The Dude

"I’ll Say Anything"


Aye aye aye
¿Que paso?
Aye, you know, doin' my thing

[Verse I]

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro...
¿Tu quiero el grande verga from the chocolaté vato?
A lot of my partnas, they say I look like Ralo

I beat the pu**y up, as if I was Héctor Camacho
Snatch a b*t*h cheese from her taco
Tell her I'm head honcho. Me need me dinero, pronto
On my huevos, she like cilantro
She's kinda weird, so I dropped her ass off on Montrose
And there I saw some plump hoes, and I saw some skinny b*t*hes
Both sellin' they pu**y, I be penny pinchin'
Got no time for d**k itchin', b*t*h get in the kitchen
And whip somethin' up, but a d**k she'd rather suck...
For a buck or two, who the f**k are you tellin' her to stop it?
I don't buy c*ck b*t*h, you got weed? I'll cop it
Go 'head and twerk it in my b*t*h
Later on I'll get it wet and sloppy, heh, 'cause I be...

[Hook x 2]
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