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Babyface Ray

"Start This Over"

KD and Ju
KD and Ju
Amen, it's a blessing
So I almost threw a f*cking blessing
No, I said amen

b*tch, don’t touch me if we ain't f*ckin'
I got a couple stashed, you ain’t even gotta tuck 'em
It's 5 in the morning, you ain't talkin' 'bout nothin'
Couldn't never get a job so I learned how to hustle
You f*cked bro and you f*cked me, how can I love you?
f*ck n*ggas, they stabbed me in my back, how can I trust ’em?
I’m infatuated with the money, I don't discuss ’em
I held on to 'em for a minute, up the numbers
She gave me her number, I ain't even call her
I ain't even text her, I ain’t even stress her
Ran into her one night and then I blessed her
She ate a n*gga di*k all night as her profession
n*gga, I'll ride with the MAC myself, f*ck protection
f*ck security
Man, I had that bag touch down every month like her period
sh*t serious
Turn my backyard to aquarium
Turn my front yard to a dealership
They know me at Revive, I got a membership, n*gga, yeah
sh*t we shop for, you can't get that check
I heard your main ho f*ckin', oh, you sick 'bout that
All that love lost, you can't get that back
I caught dawg lackin', I'll be right back
In the middle of the summer, we got snow, we got blow
We got green, gettin' money, want more
I just bought a sixteen, soda six, drunk a four
I got another four left, I'm on my way to the store
n*ggas in my DM, "What you pay for that coat?"
I don't know, I was high when I bought it, boy, you broke
In a foreign with my b*tch laughin' at you, you a joke
I just left the club, runnin' every light, I'm gettin' ghost
Quick to step on the f*ckin' work like a roach (Yeah)
b*tch, I sit back, call shots, I'm a coach (Yeah)
n*ggas keep talkin' 'bout they shooters run a zone (Huh?)
Park across the street, run the light, see if he home
I'm in Cali in traffic, van off-white
I sip that poison and it got a n*gga sleep like I'm Snow White
Man, I swear I wasn't corrupted my whole life
I had options, a n*gga chose the wrong life
n*gga on the 'Gram say it's on sight
Seent his ass in the club and had a money fight
n*gga tried to throw back, he had a long night, f*ck
You gon' make me rain for the whole night (Yeah)
I got a cold b*tch, got a cold Sprite
Got a couple RIP's, got 'em on ice
I swear that roll feel like I'm on dice
I'm leavin' with a bankroll if it's good right
You say the narcs on the left, n*gga, go right
I strap my nuts and get it in, that's on bro life

Bring it back from the beginning

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