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Babyface Ray

"Steve Francis"

I got all this f*ckin' codeine, man
Cocaine with the building, ayy

I'm about to take off like a rocket
These ain't Tylenol, these big poppin', that's a half a rocket
f*ck the drama, all my n*ggas wildin'
I don't need no stylist
You want these? You gon' need a thousand
We can link up in the Hills, I'ma bring a thousand
sh*t got, but we pulled four hundred G's up out it
I can't do this sh*t forever
Tell that lil' broke b*tch get her sh*t together
She came and f*cked me since you told her to do better
Bought that b*tch some shoes, she my Cinderella
Work soft as leather
I ain't workin' for nobody, I'm a boss forever
Boy, you still ain't got no money, gon' be lost forever
.223's big as chalk, it'll chalk whoever
n*ggas get advances, get to actin' like they had the bag
Dawg's sh*t bulgin', pants draggin', thought I had the MAC
Dogsh*t Records, real talk, we'll sign you guys
You sold your soul to the devil, I am not surprised
f*cked up, I can tell by your decision
Pray to Ben Frank, n*gga, gettin' money my religion
Black Hellcat, n*gga, I ain't superstitious
Spin that motherf*cker on Mack Nickels in the trenches
In the trap eatin' trap kitchen
This ain't PETA café, we got wrapped chickens
I hit a lick on my plug, I got back, n*gga
I don't wanna do no song with you cap n*ggas
We all players in the game but our stats different
You on the bench, lil' n*gga
I hope you ain't trippin' 'bout a b*tch, is you, n*gga?
Catch him down bad, put the clip in you, huh, yeah
We ain't playin' fair no more
I don't give a f*ck about no freaky ho
I got numbers on the board, man, who keepin' score
My youngin just caught his body 'bout a week ago

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