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Babyface Ray

"No Love for Em (Remix)"

[Intro: Los & Rio Da Yung OG]
(Check the score)
Yeah, n***as can't f**k with us
What up, Joey?
(What up, Los? What up, Nutty?)
pu**y-ass n***a
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ah, ah, yeah, b*t*h, yeah, yeah
Check me out, n***a
(Jose the Plug)
pu**y-ass n***as, ain't got no love for 'em

[Verse 1: Rio Da Yung OG]
Right now I'm irritated, hittin' this dog with fent'
I tried to kill him with this mix, he survived, that's what you call attempt
I'm only takin' money on this rip, don't call me with sh*t
They asked why I hit like this, it's all in the wrist
Make a song about a bunch of bullsh*t, Rio and Mike on it
The dope stickin' to the pot, put some ice on it
They askin' me why my price so low, I stumped twice on it
Ooh, this batch wet as hell, put some rice on it

[Verse 2: RMC Mike]
On my way to the trailer park to put some ice on it
Hit him in the dark with a Glock, I put a light on it
Ri said he want the next end, we gotta fight for it
f**k some money, bet I hit my point, I put my life on it
sh*t talkin' f**ked the world up, we put some spice on it
Pour a deuce of Hi-Tech in the cup and put some Sprite on it
If you tryna remix a song, just put Ri and Mike on it
b*t*h, you a pu**y-n***a, ain't got no love for 'em
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