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Niko Moon

"Something Bout You"

[Verse 1]
You ain’t even trying but everybody stops and is staring at you
Baby how you do it
You make me fall in love just thinking of you

The sound of your voice and the touch of your skin
Sending chills up my spine
The taste of your lips, the spell of your kiss
I can't deny

There's something bout you, you, and all the little things that you do, do
Boy I can't explain it
No matter how hard I try to put my finger on it
There's just something bout you
Something bout you, you, you got me feeling something brand new, new
I think I'm going crazy
It's more than just your mind, it's more than just your body, babe
Just something bout you

[Verse 2]
I just wanna hold you
You make me feel like I’m the only one in the room
It’s all I ever wanted
You make me feel like I am safe and guarded
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