Clyde Carson
So Hood
[E-A-Ski talking]
Hell yeah...
E-A-Ski, CMT track...ha ha ha
Yeah Bullys Wit Fullys part 3
Messy Marv, Guce, Fillmoe', Hunters Point, it don't stop, let's go

[Verse 1: Messy Marv]
I'm switchin' lanes with them stunnas on my face
Chop in the trunk, wally on my waist
Back in the game n***a feelin' like Mase
Red J Jonas with the red shoe lace
Deuces on the load, rocks in my load
The ice in my mouth keep my Nextel froze
Have you ever seen a scrape with the Lamborghini doors
B*t*h I thizz and play with my nose

The girls, the girls they love me
It's the project lover
But I'm gang banger, and a drug smuggler
Gucey Guce, dope boy with the cake mix
I'm naked with it in the kitchen doin' late shift
See I been bout it, other n***as rap about it
If you got it cuz, then blood better ask about it
We in the drama, bangin' the hammers, orangutans
Goin' bananas in the game, throwin' up the gang

[Clyde Carson - Chorus:]
When I roll up, streets show love
I just wanna be on the block with my thugs
I just wanna sit in the drop on my dubs
Open up the doors and turn the beat up, cause
I'm from the ghetto baby, I'm from the hood
When in my ghetto baby, I know I'm good

[Verse 2: Messy Marv]
These n***as got toolies but that ain't no heat
I'll slap one of you n***as like a E-A-Ski beat
I had these Girbauds on full bout a week
Ya boy look grimy but the money look sweet
You got me f**ked up, b*t*h this the Bay
Me and every n***as do this sh*t all day
I'll lay everybody down in the room
But whatever I do I'mma stay a tycoon
What you know bout bricks and traps
Bullys Wit Fullys is a gang in all black and strapped
I'm not a rapper, I'm a street n***a
I'm so hungry with this heat tryin' to eat n***a
Real talk we in this b*t*h buyin' out the bar
Talk sh*t I'll make this cold iron hot to yo jaw
Represent gangstas, two step hustlers
Hands in the air you gettin' cookies on sight


[Verse 3: Messy Marv]
Stunna on mine, and all on a ho
Richmond, Vallejo, the City, and the O
Gang dog Blood, oh what you didn't know
Good weed in my mouth, mac on the floor
You ridin' with a star, b*t*h feelin' like whoa
She feelin' like stay but I'm feelin' like go
And I ain't got nothin' against the new bay
I used to ride through with Fab n***a back in the day

You already know Bullys Wit Fullys is so hood
Guce and Tay now we got Mess, the n***a so hood
Pill Music got you sort of like some wet wet
You in the club gang bangin' throwin' up ya set
Me and Mess dog runnin' the game
600 back to back dog huggin' the lane
Yeah this .50 Cal., make it worth ya while
Everybody goin' dumb off a half of pound