Clyde Carson
Kill It
[Hook: Clyde Carson]
Ay, I'm about to kill it(X4)
(Hey, Hey)(X4)

[Verse 1: Clyde Carson]
Go H.A.M, I'm about to kill it
Educated pieces, diamond cuts are brilliant
N***a's broke, what you want, what I got?
What you need, What's up Sho?
They ain't know, lets start countin' up some g's
Ain't no fun, ain't no b*t*hes
Pool party strippin', I got er'ybody sippin'
Slap in my sh*t listen
Hold Up(X8)
Say I got bands b*t*h quit trippin'
Yeah we could go get mist, and drunk as f**k
Yeah I'm slizzin', but I'm sorry still no kissin'
Hold Up(X8)

[Bridge: Clyde Carson]
Go H.A.M, I'm about to kill it(X4)

[Hook: Clyde Caron]

[Verse 2: Clyde Carson]
They tell me slow down, but its hard to listen
My Phone just keep on ringin', but no answer it ain't bidness
I say bidness I mean money, money I mean bidness
Told em I'm about to kill it, die hard bruce willis
Ho I do this in my sleep
I hardly work with feelin's
Yeah ya girl know I'm a beast, your squad know I'm the realest
Like the shark up in the pond, a fire in the village
Goin' H.A.M on this song, b*t*h I'm about to kill it
Go H.A.M, see the numbers on my receipts
Go H.A.M, or go home that's my belief
Go H.A.M, your girl boppin' up in my car
Go H.A.M, she turnt up with my supercharge

[Bridge: Clyde Carson]
[Hook: Clyde Carson]

You don't want no problems, you don't wanna start none(X2)

[Bridge: Clyde Carson]
[Hook: Clyde Carson]