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Frank Zappa

"“Almost Up To Date”- early show"

Alright. We have— We have a song for you that is very, very new. It's almost up to date. The official title of this song is "The San Clemente Magnetic Deviation," but it has a subtitle and it also has a special ending where you are invited to sing along with us. We'll show you exactly how the ending goes. Let's see— I gotta get in tune, this is driving me nuts

Alright, here's how the ending goes. You have to croon it now, ready?

di*kIE'S SUCH AN as*h*le
Sincerely, di*k, we mean it!

Alright. That's what happens at the end of the song—when I give you the cue you can croon along with it and feel integrated into the program. Meanwhile here's the front part of it

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