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Shiki (TMNS)

"Melanin Matters"

There's nothing in this world to believe in
You tried to break the curse, you-

[Verse 1]:
Nothing in this world to believe in
There is no bereavement from this mental torment
Idle thoughts lay dormant with my Eye of Horus
I see everything my forefathers saw before and
Nothing seems to change everything stays feel like marceline
Fear I'm gonna lose my mind from the wickedness I see
So when people shot down point blank at a scene
Of a crime nonexistent I know what it means

[news report]

[Verse 2]:
Stacked up cadavers, all the blood splatters
Ain't sh*t you can say I know melanin matters
Being born as a black man treated a disaster
Only time they wanna see us when we sellin' blood plasma
Only time we ever safe is when we're in the Ever After
Reincarnate just live another chapter of despair
Giving up hope I'm almost there
They want mass suicide the guns our ropes the bullets chairs

Im aware of their schemes just hope God intervenes
Before oppression gets embedded in our bloodstreams
Before my future daughter has to hear her mom scream
Because her dad was shot just for pulling out I.D
All on Facebook people watching the livestream
Shot in the chest blood drippin' the imagery
Is too f*ckin' vivid feel I need a reprieve
Feel I need a reprieve, like Eric I can't breathe

Staring at the screen thinkin' that could be me
4 shots to the chest just for a damn cd
Man, real talk that's just life on the daily
It's just nowadays wicked people gettin' more gutsy
It's just nowadays blue and white gettin' more bloody
It's just nowadays black is always viewed as ugly
Hitting up my girl, thinking this could be my last text
Black man with an Arab beard I'm double suspect

Guy in ATL hung himself thinking am I next?
Travel 3 hours I'd be where he took his last breath
I should hit my cousins up Lord knows they all stressed
Glad all my friends alive Lord knows they all blessed
Drama out in Dallas bruh that sh*t a disaster
Killing people not involved further spreading the cancer
I don't have no answer really homie I'm just ventin'
There's corruption in all sides, races and religions

There's nothing in this world to believe in
You tried to break the curse [?]

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