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Shiki (TMNS)

"Save Me Now"

I wanna die and live
I wanna take and give
I wanna fade away
I wanna always stay
Within your memories wander round for centuries
Drafting out a eulogy planning for eternity

Opinions always hurting me
Low self esteem most certainly
I make these songs to make you smile
Erode inside all the while
Don't think that I'm crazy but not stable at the same time
Usually don't love myself but able to when I rhyme

Staying in my house
Obsession with my doubt
I question my morals like hearing Yanny and Laurel
I'm falling inside a portal of self destruction, corruption
Inferno, inside combustion
Im actin like I feel nothin but

That's a lie and I know
Stress can see it in my fro
Online n*ggas jive on my hair
When I already feel low
I already say I hate myself wanna die inside thats daily
No amount success and compliments can sway me

Just being real, don't know how I deal
Think I heal, when emotions spill
Prescribe me some pills
Not a xanny, or a molly
Something stronger make me ollie
Jumping over all my problems is a n*gga favorite hobby

All this honesty
Will probably make some n*ggas hate on me but honestly
I need to do it like a prophecy
I'm harboring so many ill intentions
My mind always stay inventin
Different ways to cause the end and stop my b*tchin

Ms. Jigoku do I know you?
I would like to say I do
I admire from a far like Mr. Dolo told me to
All these secrets in my heart I hide from all inside the crew
Just wish you'd give me a sign to see if you already knew

But it's cool it's okay
My paper heart it will fade
Away with ink on the page
As it gets older with age
But will I give into rage
Or will I become a sage
I feel I'm f*cked either way, so

Save me now, watch me drown
In my grave, please lay me down

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