The Game

"Ride Or Die"


You gone ride or die?


All my n***as gone bust they guns
Real mother f**kers never trust n***as, but we trust our guns
Get money is the code of the streets
Live by it, and they say the hotter the bullets, the colder the streets
Like the older the hammer, the older the beef
You holding the can and you busting or you die with your heat
Me and my n***as gone survive in the street
For one reason, we ain't living to kill n***as, just dieing to sleep
I'm in the hood and I ain't wear a vest
Push a stock GTO, with a pump in the seat and a desert eagle in the head rest
Live and I took 5, get respect cause I won't die
So its a bet that I'm gone ride

[Chorus: x2]
I'm riding dog, you riding with me? (ride with me)
If I'm frying dog, you frying with me? (fry with me)
If I'm dieing dog, you dieing with me? (die with me)
Just know when the beef come, we all busting our guns (what?)
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