The Game

"Get Up"

[9 second intro to start]

[DJ Quik]
I'm gettin my kicks dirty, I'm blowin my mid-30's
n***as they want me buried but, I'm in no hurry
Bullets flyin in flurries, my gat don't work
But I still need one to carry
And I bring the bereavement, when you hit the ce-ment
Police picked me up to talk but I wasn't wordy
I remembered the song that was sang from the birdie
Cause when he whistled he was pushin up that milk thistle, get it?
These stupid n***as they ain't playin for keeps
These n***as playin for cheaps, they disobeyin the streets
Never fear the inevitable, death will come
And when your breath goes numb, you lookin up to the sheets
I seen it comin and I'm watchin the drama grow
And stressin enough to break the needle and thread where mama sewin
I'm slow-flowin, move back and forth like a boa
Still movin hoes in 2's to the boat, like I was Noah

[Hook: The Game]
Get up, cause n***a we'll lay you down
You don't wanna be six feet underground
So get up, we don't play around
You gotta watch your back when you outta town
Get up, when you hear the sound
The Compton n***a's comin back for the crown
So get up, when you feel the pound
And your rest is short, we'll lay you down
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