The Game

"Hot 2 Nite (remix)"

All right
NE keep it hot for y'all

Now let me set it off in the right way
You got a bangin' booty and a tight waist
I've been a fan since I met you in the lobby
And hopefully you'll end up over my place

I can't believe I never saw you coming over
Until you put your pretty hand up on my shoulder
I wanna touch, I wanna kiss, I wanna hold ya
I really wanna get you hot tonight
(Come on)

So tell me what I gotta do
To get the hookup in the future
Baby, you choose the night
Whatever you like and I'ma pick you up on time

And it's cool if you don't want to
But you'd be a fool if you don't want to
'Cuz I guarantee, that if you with me
You're gonna be feeling how you supposed to be
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