The Game

"Show Is Over"

Got money in da bank, money in my socks draws
Money green range rover,Am rolling wit top dogs
Money behind the rim brand, on the top floor
So if rap don't work I got money to cop more
Hundreds spoke daytons on impalas that's how we rolling
Hydrolics funded by da doctor, da dollars in my wallets got b*t*hes ha-ha-hollaring so I pop my collar den

Tell her to breath easy mommy come up for oxygen, when your counting your benjamins, you witness all kind of sh*t, throwing bullets defending that green like donavon, yeh the bone crusher ya da chrome touch ya, you can't get them off ur ass c*cksucker the phone buster
Put bank on ur head my dow long like Russell, I.V, LEO and L.A Reid, blow green like L.A. trees, and I got a big enough buzz to sell in new York like
Pele jeans
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