The Game

"100 bars of crack"

My n**** game came with a hundred bars fo yall
Now im following his footsteps n****
Young ya boy, CO when im 5 times platinum

1,2,3 to the 4
B**** im a pimp i dont speak to no hoes
U n****s neva match M.C's with no flows
And dont add up like me with no dough
I swear to god just last year i was broke on the block selling dough
Watching my n****s sniff coke now
My lifes changed from the planes to the boats from the change to the clothes
Dont leave games to these hoes
They just hop in the range and we go switching lanes baby dont give me brains on the low
Neva lame born and raised in the skull n****s hate but they won't say a thang to me though huh
Its like that and as a matter of fact i got hours with the powder every powder the crack
Every hour i devoure money shower with that lemonheads in my air how sour is that?
Real sour i break s*** down like twin towers mad your b**** had the b**** b**** holla
It ain't about dollas i dont wanna hear about it never squared boy this n**** right hear bout it
Call me ya boy fo shortt call me YB dont try me carry guns like ID but f*** guns i keep n****s beside me
And we'll beat a punk n****s down like rodney feel like the king when it come to this rap thing and
If i dont have a mike id probaly crack things a post star night serving things to crack fiends boy
I got runners like the coach of the track team yes im focused vision clear as a flat screen
You broke n****s not eating your fast things im telling you all the hoods they feel dude
They like pac gone but f*** it he'll do a lot of jealous n****s be tryin to kill dude
Becuz the boy's pac is green as milldo and in the west if i ain't the best or atleast second ill
Put a weapon up to my chest n****s dont wanna see me breathe cuz they kno i got next like MTV
They can't see me like bootleg DVD's cuz i got more pads than the MPC catch me dipping in a jag
Sea weed green im in the league of my own u in the pee wee league when i was broke steal my grill
Atleast 3 g's now i talk with a smile at the VB's breathe its ya boy i represent the CDP u a hoe dawg
U be where the weanies be u the man when the eastcoast talk about ya buzzin in the streets each
Coast speak about ya thats me and if u ain't here it bout to get ugly like freeways beard
This the streets u dont get a lot of leeway here it get hotter than a muthaf***in heatwave here
Trust me boy its a lot of heatplay here leave u MIA like the heat play here wear guns to surpast the hating
Tie a mack around my neck its a fashion statement i laugh at u clowns thinkin im the same dude
Im not as quite as i was back in grade school im much sicker willing to ditching to spray twos
And like the game im just dyiing to play fool so run up if u think im a chump i leave yo body in the
Trunk smelling just like a skunk i leave ya head in yo lap right after i dump even aschten kutcher couldn't
Make you n**** punk ha i be thuggin until im at the pearly tall gates cuz i been thuggin since 20 had a
Small face im still thuggining and 20 has a large face ya boy the black 06 version of scarface and the bay is where i made my name where n****s go dum like damian wayans yea its hyphy but some n****s be going
All out so i dont go dum cuz the gun might fall out trust me dawg im the n**** u shouldn't call out im
Looking at yo teeth and ima knock em all out twice as big as i was before and the radio won't even play my
Song kno more but its cool im on the streets like a hydrant tho so when they ask who the best they reply
Is yo that n**** ya boy that boy got a firing flow hoes trynna make me they man my reply is no yes u
Did get down on ur knees and blow put my thing in yo mouth but easy tho a hot boy i dont sound
Like weezy tho got snow but i dont think got a jeezy flow im the truth i can go and RnB and blow but
This rap game is so f***ing easy tho im the pizza man i got cheese and dough my h-town n****s got me
Off lean and dro n****s think im a hoe till i squeeze the fo and that ill change their mind like keyshia cole
And im single somebody let keyshia kno that i break backs and leave girls leaning yo ha the girls choose
Cuz my p*n*s better not to mention im hot like pheonix weather not to mention u cold u dont even go gold
When i drop ima go platinum times 4 thats 4 million sales from florida to wales cuz i got more bars than
4 million jails and im holding a twelve gangsta u lames aim at yo brain leave yo membrane rearanged
If u dont think im the truth u retarted record labels get the bitting wars started!

Like i said n****
Ima see ya when im 5 times platinum
Ima keep it short and simple
2 realest websites on earth n****
Ya boy

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