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The Game

"Xannies & Coedine"

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Gudda, get me that xanax
Hurricane Game, Lex Luger

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Weezy up in this b*tch, y'all n*ggas can't breathe
Finna put a stamp on your b*tch, bring in the stampede
Y'all just f*ck n*ggas, only real n*ggas f*ck with me
Here to paint the town red, hello it's the martian
Your now in tune wtth Tuncehi, it's Weezy F Carter
One shot from the Glock turn a bum n*gga to a martyr
Blood gang b*tch, all my n*ggas Spartans
They p*ssed off like bladders
Weezy F for Fireman, she all up on my ladder
Pop that pus*y, mama come up to daddy
My guns talk, b*tch I'm speechless
She sucking di*k all night, y'all n*ggas a bunch of f*ckin' leeches
Cash rules everything around me, y'all n*ggas cream and peaches
Tired of the bullsh*t, all I hear is screeches
My b*tch say she miss me, that's a misdemeanor
These n*ggas fed up, pus*y all I'm eatin'

[Hook: Game]
Came through in that Phatom, n*ggas swear I was Styles P
Y'all a bunch of f*ck n*ggas, told y'all not to f*ck with me
50 bands in my pocket, next stop K.O.D

[Verse 2: Gudda Gudda]
Rich Gang up in here, all I rep Young Munna
Gudda Gudda, straight up out that gutta
Real n*ggas talking, I tell that b*tch shut up
We ain't Hollywood, we Hollygrove
Catch me down in Cali, all my n*ggas got Calicos
High roller n*ggas, that' how we roll

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