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The Game

"Just So You Know"

I need anybody
It's the moment ya'll been waiting for
Anybody I need
Anybody I need
Interscope, we had a good run right?
Ha ha

[Verse 1]
Listening to that Drake album like oh sh*t
This n*gga Drizzy got me thinking 'bout my old b*tch
You know what? f*ck that b*tch, f*ck that b*tch
You got some bottles in your section, you can f*ck that b*tch
Jesus piece was a motherf*cker
Gotta thank God like a motherf*cker
Interscope ain't promote that ho
But Jimmy Iovine still my motherf*cker
I'm back like Joe Budden hair if he grow it
I just signed with Cash Money, yeah n*gga, you know it
Spending all my motherf*ckin' money in LIV
Like goddamn b*tch, can a motherf*cker live?
Can a motherf*cker live?
Can a motherf*cker live?
Brand new deal, drop top 'gatti
Coconut grove, can a motherf*cker LIV?
Fly as a jet, motherf*ckin' lear
MIA buzzing like a motherf*cking beer
Real n*gga here, real n*gga career
Body any rap n*gga, I'm so sincere
Six bottles Ciroc, couple hoes in here
Couple old n*ggas from a 4-4 in here
n*gga ain't dolo here
Got Desert Eagles under n*ggas' Polo here
b*tch bag back so my logo clear
It's Rich Gang. Dollar signs on the big chain
Ain't nothing new, I've been f*cking with Wayne

Hanging out that window, throwing West Side up, like Pac and you know
In the club with Stunna popping off and you know
20K at king of diamonds b*tch, and you know
California king ho, just so you know
And you know
And you know
And you know
Just so you know

[Verse 2]
Listening to this Big Sean like, "Oh sh*t"
My lil n*gga Kendrick kills you on your own sh*t
But I f*ck with Sean, it's just Compton, n*gga
I helped him get his Jesus piece back from the monsters, n*gga
I've been the middle man for rap n*ggas and jewelry
n*ggas ask me find they sh*t like I'm motherf*ckin' Siri
IPhone, S n*gga, five homes, yes n*gga
New coupe snap back with the roof
Hunned 80 proof, gotta throw it back to proof
Air Jordan Ones, North Carolina
I'm killing these b*tches like Rae Carruth
They salute like soldiers, n*gga
Been woke the game up like Folgers n*gga
Treat em like lawn chairs, fold a n*gga
Still got the West Coast on my shoulders, n*gga
Key to the city, rap polices is watching
Hundred thousand on funerals
b*tches calling me Robin
Cause I'm a hood n*gga, doing good, n*gga
I'm God's favorite, I wish you would n*gga


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