The Game


[Intro: The Game]
Ay who got all these n***as walking around
With all this motherf**kin' air in they chest?
Oh, you pumpin' your motherf**king self up, huh?

You know I'm with the bullsh*t, ay
You know I'm with the bullsh*t
n***as know I'm with the bullsh*t
You know I'm with the bullsh*t

[Verse 1: The Game]
Pull up, park the Camaro like an arrow
Only f**k with Snoop, n***a f**k your cousin Harold
Plus I got the barrel on tuck, n***a what
First n***a jump up, first n***a f**ked up
I'm with the bullsh*t, Jimmy Butler in the Kutlas
Hop out, get yo ass beaten, no mustard
Hood full of killers, Cedar Block, no busters
Say we gon' do it, but we ain't, don't trust us
Get your ass robbed out here
By a n***a name Rob out here with no job out here
We with the bullsh*t, Burgundy sob out here
Get smoked if ever say slob out here
n***a this Piru, I'm advertising like a commercial
Hand me your hood pass, pat you down then murk you
n***a we still mad Doughboy killed Virgil
Blood this ain't no motherf**kin' movie
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