The Game

"Lost Angels"

[Intro: The Game]
Naaa mean?

Mother f**king game

[Hook: Marka]
My hood
My block
My city loves me
For the things I do
And there ain't no way to stop me
They all seen where I've been
Already know where I'm from
But you can't go if can't follow in the footsteps of a lost angel

[Verse 1: R-Mean]
If you on top I'm 'bout to push you off B
I'm like a wobbly bridge over treacherous waters
Don't cross me
I can give you my address
Even give you the cross street
You be usin' that mapquest
Still I bet you get lost B
It's R-Mean homie
I don't squash beef
I hold grudges
You cross me and Ima kill all you mothaf**kas
Strictly spit the types of sh*t you feel
So they be like "Yo he ain't Jewish but he is-Real"
My yamaka us my dodger fitted
Its a holocaust how the R will off these garbage soft rappers
No Hitlers
Came from humble beginnings
Now we humble contenders
With a flow that's sharp enough to circ*mcise all of your infants
Homie I'm rocky in that slaughterhouse
c*cky like your daughter's mouth
Shawty's 'bout the bottles that we poppin'
As we order rounds
Its goin' down
These b*t*hes prove that
And I don't eat her pu**y
I get other chicks to do that
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