The Game

"How You Want That (West Coast Remix)"

[P. Diddy talking]
This is the remix
This goes out to the west coast
We got Game, E-40, and Loon
Bad Boy, Lets go

(Verse 1)
[The Game]
What up Ma, Come roll with gangstas
Bad Boy and Aftermath, The street banger
You know its Game when the NWA chain hang
And canary's flyin' around his finger
The remix, Ya'll done started somethin'
I'm bout to Von Dutch S dot Carter somethin'
So let me tell you about the birds and bees
How I stand on the block all day and flip birds and ki's
I'm a gangsta ma, I'm into guns, rough sex
Khakis, and Air Force 1's, with Donald Duck checks
And I ain't gonna put a chain on ya neck
Unless the combo pertaining to sex
And you comin' out that Chamberlain dress
You can tell I'm gettin' brains from a vet
Goin' to New Jersey like I'm playin' the Nets
I'm just tryin' to get mines like Loon did it
So I copped a Maybach and put a living room in it, Yea
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