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The Game

"Made N*GGAZ"

Intro: Menace co.....

Verse 1:Rick Ross

Bump me in Fila, my mi-mind thinking in Creole
They call me the chef, you know I fry like Gruyère
Started learning the ropes
Sweat sous in the Lotus
Homie taught me to whip
So he made us a toast
They speak my name like a myth, when they got me a ghost
Picked him up in the sweep
They gave my-my mind the most
They be hard on real (real) gotta stay on my toes
They be watching my twitter, gotta watch what I post
Now it's all 'bout our killers, wrong one to approach
What you spent on ya' video, that went on a coat
Spent a million with Jacob, another several with Johnny
I mean look at the bezel, we got it looking Versace

Verse 2: Game

I AM, like Nas' album cover
28's powder covered
Pillsbury dopeboy, I-I I know all about an oven
I know all about dimes, she know all about a phantom
She be with them dirty birds, I know all about a Lammen
Zone 4, zone 5, zone 6, 7 to ball like Roy Hibbert...7 2
Be on my pimp sh*t like 19 72
World is my bathroom, I'm sh*tting, like Devon do
I was born 11 2, 9 in my waist
And I'll buss it baby, put these pliers in ya' face
And when ya see me, I want you to think LeBron and Kobe
Red and yellow diamonds n**ga, shine Rollie
I'm a baller n**ga, swagger scattered me
10 b*tches to every n**ga, just like I said

Unknown -

Still up in that trap getting guap
Out the sewer, now my crib size of co-op
I'll be black rat with that block
We be them brick squad, ask Lock
Versace sh*t, so Chop
Coulda been St. Quentin or block
But I do door that Ghost
I stack two floors that loaf
I'll be 46 for that coach
I'll be 5/6 for that rope
Make me so sick I go violent
Jam on no time to
Cheat on my b*tch
You know I'm designer's
But I'm just a product of my environment
Young n**ga, young n**ga
Pop pills, make mills young n**ga
Got rich, stay trill young n**ga
Still talking that still, young man

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