The Game

"Drake Flows"

Who with it
The gun spitter, young home run hitter
Moët sipper, hit you with the flow like Biggie
King of this rap sh*t out the park like Griffy
I make my guns out at the park, come get me
The Desert Eagles make a n***a move like Missy
I'm always in the Bentley how the f**k could you miss me
I'm always on the charts I know why you n***as diss me
'Cause Black Wall Street getting deeper than the '60s
Them boys in the hood lay you down like Ricky
So run, catch them hollow tips like a frisbee
I pitch cocaine like Frank Lucas
n***as talk that American Gangster sh*t but can't do it
I put these whack rap-n***as in a scope and bloaw
'Cause I promise the homie Kim I will hold his brother down
I'm more focussed now, I'm like the golden child
Put both of your hands out and let you hold my style
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