The Game

"Sprung on a Thug (Remix)"

[LaLa {The Game}]
Could it be the way he touch me (How)
He hold me (Why) {Come on}
He got me doin' all these things {Black Wall, Cross Money, come on}
La-la-la {LaLa, west coast, come on}
La-la, la-la, la-la

"Fingazz on the track..."

[Rap Verse 1: The Game]
She ride around in the S-5, that's me
She throwin' up the west side, n***a, that's me
Everybody know that The Game a pro at
Knockin' down everything, where the weed, dro at
Live where the dro at
Roll it up, blow that
So I can get high, while you lean the 6-4 back

Refrain: The Game
And I did this all for you
All I ask is you rep Cali right
When they call for you

(Verse 1)
It was a low-key Saturday
This summer of '03
Me and my chicas chillin'
Feelin' fly in my favorite jeans
When this Chevy rolled up
Bouncin' four vatos deep
He was tryin' to get in me
In no time, I was all weak
In love
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