The Game

"Where I’m From (OG)"

[Verse 1: Dr. Dre]
Streets is talkin, sayin Dre done changed
And he ain't been to the hood, well how the f**k I find Game?
I studied this rap sh*t, still a "Hundred Miles and Runnin'"
Still makin Aftermath classics
You might catch me out in traffic
Oh-five Aston, b*t*hes askin "Where I'm From"
Y'all forgot who helped 50 Cent pop
I ain't spent my own money since Eminem dropped
In eighty-fo' I had the streets locked
I am to gangsta rap what Biz Markie is to beatbox
n***as think cause I stopped on that "Detox"
I traded in my All Stars for some Freeboks
Speakers still bumpin, the beats still comin
Compton's version of Phil Drummond
Same Dre, "Different Strokes," same six-fo', different spokes
Same "Chronic" just different smoke

[Chorus: Nate Dogg (scratches)]
If you don't know ("Aftermath, n***a with a attitude")
("Game time n***as, Westside!") Where I'm from
("n***a with a attitude, Straight Outta Compton we rock khakis and Chucks")
If you don't know ("Almost lost my life when Dre dropped The Chronic")
("Legend in the making") Where I'm from
("Aftermath you b*st*rds, watch your colors in this City of Angels")
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