The Game

"Pop It For A Player (Remix)"

Psych Ward Druggies
Hey yo, what up Fonzarelli?
What's happening, Game?
What up, Tech Nina?
Hey yo, Bowers! Let's get it!
(Positions, please) Remix!

[Hook: Ryan Anthony]
When it's time to hit, I don't ever miss
First string n***a, I don't ever see the bench
They focused on the swish, it's all in the wrist
I don't give a puck, I don't ever slip
Pop it for a player! (8x)

[Verse 1: E-40]
Little momma over there popping it to the fullest
(What she doing?) Over there, cutting up
Making her presence felt, got a million-dollar butt
Double-D cup, silver-dollar nipples
Poke out through her bra like two missiles
Jaw-dropping, astonishing, legal tender, a winner
I wonder how many drinks it's gon' take to get to the center
How many blunts to enter? She surrender and let me smack
Doing this one like a lumberjack, penetrate from the back
Get my rocks off like I slang crack, lifestyles
Ran through a whole pack, off of that Cognac
I'm a maniac, my d**k don't know how to act
She the cheerleader and I'm the quarterback
I'mma mack and she do whatever I say to her
Now let me see you pop it for a player
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