The Game

"It’s Okay (One Blood)"

[Intro: The Game & Junior Reid]
Dre, I see dead people
Modern vampires of the city
Hunting blood

Yo, Dre
Thought I was dead

West Coast
(One blood, one blood, one blood, one blood)

[Verse 1: The Game]
I'm the Doctor's Advocate, n***a, Dre shot ya
Brought me back from the dead
That's why they call him the doctor
The 'Math gon' drop him
And 50 ain't rocking with him no more
It's okay! I get it popping
Whole club rocking, like a six-four Impala
Drink Cris', throw it up, call the sh*t hydraulics
Then p*ss in the cup, call the sh*t Hpnotiq (Brrrrat!)
I bleed Compton, spit crack and sh*t chronic
And you new n***as ain't sh*t but new n***as
Bathing Ape-shoe n***as, I'm talking to you, n***as
Bouncing in the '64, throwing up West side, man
Sell another 5 million albums? Yes, I am
Fresh like "Damn, this n***a did it again
A hundred thousand on his neck, L.A. above the brim"
Inside the Lambo shotgun with Snoop
What would the muthaf**kin' West Coast be
Without one crip and

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