The Game

"Church for Thugs"

[Intro: Just Blaze]
Yeah, Fort Knocks, Aftermath, Compton to Jersey
What y'all fools know about perculatin' on lo-los?
Mics and six-fo's, n***a
Ha ha, no more hand claps, please, n***a
Here we go - Just Blaze!

[Verse 1: The Game]
To all my n***as on the porch gettin' they hair braided
Cornrowed by a L.A. b*t*h

And I can't forget, my n***as ridin' the train, Yankee fitted
Snub nose under that Pelle sh*t
I love New York, but gangbangin' that's L.A. sh*t
And I'm proud of it, spit it through the wire so the crowd love it
Haters you know who you are, you could turn it down, f**k it
I could shoot a video to it and spend half the budget
I'm gangsta, let the 40 cal' blow in public
More hatred inside my soul than 'Pac had for Delores Tucker
Every time one of my n***as get shot, the more I suffer
'Cause we trapped inside a world where you forced to die for your colors
I seen it all through the Range tints
Got n***as doin life in the state pen
So I dread like Jamaicans
If I die for one of my statements
Then break up the streets of Compton
Spread my blood in the pavement
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