The Game


[Intro : Lloyd]
Let's ride..

[Hook : Lloyd]
You ain't gotta say byebye, baby this is hello
Put your hands in the sky, that's where we gon go
I like you so I gotta put a ring on that
You the one that I wanna put everything on that
Let's go, baby this is hello

[Verse 1 : Game]
She used to wake up to The View
Now she wake up with a view

Used to wake up to a kiss
Now she wake up to a shoe

Used to dream about millions
Now she workin with a few

Used to know one Porsche, now she know two
Chanel handbags stuck to her like glue
Minks and chinchillas, whole closet like a zoo
Agent Provocateur, Louis and lots of Dior
All her friends wearing Gucci so she don't rock it no more
Everytime we in Jimmy Choo, they gotta lock up the store
Walk out with boxes galore

Next week she cop her some more
Alexander McQueen cause she my queen

Spent an Aston Martin on the ring..
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