The Game

"Taylor Made"

[Game - Hook]
Let me introduce you to the Taylor Gang
That's my n***a Wiz and I’m Chuck Taylor mane
We both known in our hoods like Chuck Taylors mane
We get high, f**k hoes, and roll paper planes...
Cause we Taylor made, we the Taylor gang
Blowing smoke into the face of those haters mane
We all stars in the hood like Chuck Taylors mane
So throw it up and keep repping the Taylor gang, if you Taylor made...

[Game Verse]
I wake up in the morning to Red Converse
Dre Beats on, listening to Bomb first
You got a hangover n***a, mine’s worse...
Haze got me kicking knowledge like a Nas verse
sh*t be complicated like out of towners trying to understand why we say: "Whaddup Blood" but we not related
That's how Compton made it
So don’t run around yelling Soo Woo without a Chuck Taylor confirmation
On that doc*mentary sh*t I shocked the nation
Muhammad Ali sh*t like I boxed in Vegas
When it come to beef sh*t, n***a I’m the greatest
I knew I was next the night they shot 'Pac in Vegas
I ain't a killer but don’t push me
I see a b*t*h looking, I’mma end up in her pu**y
See ya later, f**k haters, cause b*t*h we Taylors
b*t*h we major...
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