The Game

"Bills Is Paid"

[Intro: DJ Skee]
Unfortunately all great things must come to an end
It looks like that time is upon us
Broadcastin' live from the Skee Lodge in Hollywood, Californ-I-A
Inside the great California Republic
I'm the world-famous DJ Skee signin' out with my brother, The Game
And before we do that, we still got a couple treats for y'all
We need to bring it back to the West Coast
Shout to my brother, Nipsey Hussle
Uncle Snoop, what up?
Anyways, 'til we meet again
See y'all on Skee TV
Money Gang, we out
DJ Skee

My bills are paid
And everything's okay
It's like every day
Summertime in L.A

[Verse 1: The Game]
Yeah, I'm from Compton, home of the fiends
Home of the monsters, home of triple beams
Home of the shattered f**kin' dreams
Where most n***as I grew up with ain't make it to see they teens
Ain't no Freddy, ain't no Jason, but n***as too scared to dream
And they rippin' pages out of them books 'bout Dr. King
You don't wanna know half the sh*t I seen

Where readin' a magazine get you hit with a magazine
n***as ain't scared to murder 'cause the jails too packed
Kill a n***a, he be out before the R.I.P. tat
I seen Raider snapbacks by Starter
Then I seen Dre make that Sox hat harder
Then I seen Makaveli go at Shawn Carter
Then I seen that block where B.I.G. got slaughtered
Then I knew it was my callin'
G the f**k up or die ballin'
Lace them red Chucks up, but die fallin'
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