The Game

"Different People"

[Intro: Ace Hood]
We are different people
Born alone, I'mma die alone n***a

We are different people (we are) (x2)
We are different people (church)
Without races (preach)
Different aspirations (preach) (x2)
Different aspirations, without faces

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Mama was a hustler, daddy was a deadbeat
Chances of me out the hood was rarer than some red meat
Pistol on my night stand, now I lay me down to sleep
I believe in god but deep inside resides the beast in me
Nightmares of being broke never seemed to be a joke
Slidin’ with that 44 and my license been revoked
Blondie raised a real G, paid and I'm still me
Real love you real, I don’t respect the n***as in between
I’m like Achilles from the Troy movie
That do some damage like a full Uzi
I am nothing like you other dudes
Same common goals but we got different views
Snitching under pressure, that’s a never do
Click of loyal n***as with me as I’m makin’ moves
Talkin’ tough onto that killer with you in the booth
I’m prepared to die, question is: are you?

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