The Game

"Cats and Dogs"

[Hook: Kobe]
Not what your feeling b*t*h
You gon' learn to shut your mouth
Cause we gone eat now now, now now
f**k your feelings b*t*h
Just go hop your ass in here
And hold this sh*t round
Hold this sh*t down
Come move them things for me
Across town, town
And make sure they touchdown
Just makin' it in town
And make sure they touchdown, touchdown

[Verse 1: Game]
Uhuh, I need a gangster b*t*h
n***a I ain't lyin', Im talkin' when I f**k
She scream you hear sirens
No domestic violence
Just domestic diamonds
So let me ice you out
So when you slidin' down the pole
Doin' your Magic City thing
Your neck and wrist glow
Im dreamin', she ain't a stripper, she a classy girl
Goin' off that Patron, she my nasty girl
First name, Rachael, last name Jones
You related to Nas, girl, Queens my second home
You know, Prince Akeem coming with a Semmi and we can tear it up
Weekend in Cannes, then we coming to America
She wears those Jimmy Choos but she love that Gucci, never been to ATL
But she love that Gucci, Brrr
She taught me how to cook Cajun
And I taught her how to cook crack
And I chopped it on her back
Now tell me where they do that
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