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Jones’s, minding bout the district of my owns
...till the death it should approach
Millionaire brick club dreams, if you didn’t made it
Sipping loaders, getting open after motion
With the flow coastin like the heart ocean
Roller coaster, sippin cali
Doing my diddy n*ggas jiggin for the moment
Dope than anybody you ever heard before spit
Smokin everybody riding on my coke
Roaches, kill with them cultures
While them n*ggas hopeless, pain with a hole in
Damn, it’s a n*gga with a plan, bitter soul in
Cause we rhyming, like they never saw wisdom
Like a old n*gga big body where the tides getting harder
And she said white ...it remind me of a goddess
I should bring god out of n*gga I be in the tropics
Like the metropolis, rocking n*ggas nagging like dodge with the cream like
Hopping out the problems, it’s a problem
They ain’t dead so that ain’t just worth holler
I be tryina n*ggas slamming, they just so vibing
Or high yellin rollin with a pretty violet
Time is watch my diddy thought stop my compton
Hopping out the ... jones’s
Back in my zone, stackin the 4
Posers, ratchets from 4, my best...
On the throne, rollin on they doom, under quarter moons
Aura, perform slaughter, on the quarter house
So we don’t ...let me sort it out
Separate the bones while he still shakes
Jam pull the water from a saint
For a shot of face, sat and wait
Boom, dance by the grace, sip grace
Party time, you should talk and separate
The taste, all the f*ck we never know...
Came for this shawty, f*ck down better
Fly ...skywalker, like a jedi with a musti, sh*t

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