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"My World Is Still"

You know my name rings
All around the country, it's the same thing
Everybody tryna get they name cleaned
Boots, done the check, cash
I'm just tryna get a name ringed
Gold chain, shell tote
Rocking bout my packed stadiums with no problem, watch me
Looking over the city of Gotham
Thinking how far God has come to be forgotten
Ask me why I came back, got to tell my brother I love him
Ay, purple heart bravery
Arch nemesis favor me
Faithfully, I hate to be you, came to be me
B-L-U, my loops sound like they came from a zoo
Produced happily by who
Clap for me, I'm glad to be high
Nappy and wise
Livin' like slavery's through, and it's true
Peep, my mind paints racism blank
Yet my pops cannot address me as Blu
He said it's flu
Red rum in the system, blunt to the head too
And I know the reverent smell the meds too
Had to cut back though
I ain't see what Red do (?), what (?)
Whatever does brother Blu do
Used to put the kids to sleep right after goof troop, true
Now he's asking me bout grey goose, today's youth
Screwed up, loose screws and loose cooch
Coo-coo for coke, tryna fit into used to
Ay, you know your soul too big to fit into that little ass skirt, girl
Sure your momma told you you're worth?
Got world ready for world 3
No one loves porgy
No one gives a f*ck, but everyone has had a orgy
Tryna change the world by 40, live to tell the story
Watch my grandchildren flip my fortune times forty
For me and unfortunately, it's true
The world is really blue, and it can be yours too
Ask Blu

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