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[Verse 1]
Just waking up from a long night
Stretch and yawn, sing a song, cut off my alarm like
Damn, same track was playing all night
And I'm ready to get it cracking till the break of the dawn like (wow!)
Just another sunny day in Los Angeles
Ready to cross paths with a bridge town champion
Call, make money, tell him meet me at the lab again, likewise
Finna blow Mainframe's mind with this
How did he do it again, another hit for the club
Give a copy to Josh, tell him spin it up
Get a bite to eat, wash down and get settin' up
Caugh a tune, geta ride out, lookin' like a million bucks
I'm banging in the truck like raise it up
Pumpin' like it's '01, get a blunt and blaze it up
Mind stay heavy rockin' steady with a razor cup
Ready once the doors open up rollin' up like


[Verse 2]
That's what they say when he steps in
Calling shots, taking shots
Back with his best friends
Josh on the 12-hundred's letting the decks spin
Drunk as f*ck, letting my head spin
I'm trippin' like (wow)
Cause this must be the life
Likewise on the left, Cashus King on the right
Coming over telling us to get on the mic
We say nah, we just chilling tonight
Yeah, cause we must be the sh*t
Cause they b*tch
And they was up in my sh*t
Then Ex was so cold
The whole club was up on my sh*t
Stop frontin', you in love with my sh*t
My clique's we know of
Ya heard of the monsters
Got a few circles I'm apart of
Already conquered the planet
With plans stacked to the ceiling
Planning on making grands
Turning millions like (wow)
We done done it again
Blunts puffing and gin
Sippin' some bubbly with B
Please, we snuck it in
Never will you see me dropping hundred's again
Unless you see me in the V.I
With honeys and (?)
We live (wow)
(?) Is like nah
Come back with some style
You can hang
But for now, I live Hollywood
And I'm straight outta Bridgetown
Style's smart and talent
And I know how to spit rounds
So please never cross paths
My style is mad blue and with the music to the pad
Earning everything we have
And won't stop burning
Till we swervin' in the Jag
Living life like (wow)
And all the ladies say he got style
Plus grace with a cute face
Rocking with my (?)
Haters hate quietly
Mad cause they can't get as high as me
f*ck it, come follow me, man!


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