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"Rap Dope (Haz Solo Remix)"

[Verse 1]
Ayo relax soul,and rap dope
Surpassed hope I was young, survived life
Lightskin ridin' with Co$$, making runs making funds
Snatch you off the mic if you wasn't nice
This is rap, I script the ridiculous
You could kiss me once, reciting Biggie get that n***a hung
Cuban links cost too much, I broke a brick
f**k you think slum, 83' N.W.A. TJ Beast
My rap like, bring a n***a back like AZ
Life was a b*t*h that never raised me
I'm from the 80's you could picture me crazy
Kinda gravy with that wavy flow
I need that Caddy or Mercedes so your lady know
That i'm from Cali y'all
Page me after 8 and we'll be straight
Bombay on the breaks and it's a day
Rap Dope

[Verse 2]
She shined all the time
Put the Piru on my mind
Pardon me, for my love I'm doing fine
I'm sure you looking good, pushing good
Wassup with that, watchu' talking?
You knew I would, what the deal witchu' doll?
I see you lookin' all delectable, it's quite huxtable
Of you to get involved
No more pushing the button when the stick up kid is buttoned up in that button up
Hope I ain't stuck up
Pardon my mouth but I don't wanna sock my watch in your mouth
I grew up with the fuzz huggin my [?]
He-Man, W-F, Autobot, Robocop, doughnuts, ice cream trucks, Parliament Funk
Fresh Prince with the comic, one pant leg doing the LL
It never failed, running hoes in my penny
Smashing left overs stolen from Denny's, rolling from fifties
Folding up 50's, posing with the whole sh*t, sewn up with me
On the low for the city though
Rap Dope

[Verse 3]
Destined to do it
Blessing the presents with the presence
A steadier message, who is you foolin'?
Calvin Coolin' with that Doolittle soundtrack
I rep the squad, Def Jam CDs in my napsack
Raekwon, Pooh Bear, leaning on my low life
No life is no joke, the microphone fiends on the mic
Saul Willams was silly, I never met him, a pity really
Even still though, I honor the professor, none the lesser
I play the movie, not the director, it's never better
Some n***as need to keep they sh*t together like EPMD
Fugees etcetera, the plethora, miles ahead of ya
I tell em smile forever but you'll never last
I shot the best dressed in class cuz he made me wear the best I had
I'm never mad though, relax soul, back roll
The teacher asked how I get that much cash flow
Rap Dope

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