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"Fully Crack"

Switch days tryna get paid
n*ggas, tryna get b*tches laid in the shade
Sock n*ggas different ways
Yo n*gga this the A, this the K
This the motherf*ckin' switch blade
My sh*t stay, army brigaded out of that raiders home
Backyard feeling you can sniff grown
Grizz grills, gorillas grippin chrome
Grown n*ggas flipping phones, naw n*gga, flip is flown
Where you been at?
Was in that, pendle when he bent that
In it with the "is he?", dizzy on his lidap
Dap n*ggas with me, where you been at?
I been busy, get the phone, grind on it, I'll be back gone!

We got it fully cracking...

24oz of it
Bounce buzzin;, n*ggas count money
Out hustling just to f*ck, b*tches bounch for me
Without money you broke, broke n*ggas is jokes
I quote Ra(kim) cause "I ain't"
The dank lit up, smoke
I'm drank sippin', the whole nine, my whole tape *tape
Dont' hate, grow cake and keep ya ho straight
Save the pimpin for pimps, I get my chips for the chips
And hit 'tels for the tail, ya chick tell she a fail!
The fox tail is queen
Block begging for them knots and ain't clocking the green
I got dollars on my team, models out of dreams
That will shower you with things that yaeyes never seen
Ride by, eyes high off the steam on the ez, with the deez on it
Vietnamese on the knees want it
They wanted Blu but ain't have no clud
They want the route but ain't have no route(root)
This ain't about Kunta Kinta but the c*nt I'm kin to
On a wednesday I stay with a blunted mental
What ya friend say, what she tryna get into
b*tch I been gay
Naw, I'm straight f*cking with it you buy yo!

We got it fulling, one!

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