Soulja Slim
Takin’ Hits
[Intro with Master P and Soulja Slim]

[Chorus - Soulja Slim x2]

This n***a that put a couple of G's over your head
And I done took the hit cause the hitman's dead
They give me twenty five now and the rest when I'm done
Let's bet the other half he be dead by sun

[Verse - 1]

No questions cause I be taking hits like the
But I'm the go get man, the don't give a sh*t
Bullets spit man, if you running I'm a find
No matter where you are Soulja Slim is right
Behind you
To remind you about the contract
You best a be up on your sh*t cause I'm all
About the combat
You best a have your peoples watching your back
But that won't matter cause I'm on the attack
F**k em I'll kill em all if the price is right
One man slanging that pistol pipe
Holding it tight, that soldier for life, ????
Stalking my prey and I'll get em by the end of the night
Over with em sour sh*t n***a never
Murder, murder, simple ain't it, but I does it clever
I do whatever it takes to get a little ends
Taking hits, back in the wrath and your dead
It don't stop till my body drops six feet underground
Bury me with my guns, two buckles and a pound
So I can get loaded wherever I'm goin
And if I reach hell you know me and the devil bout blowin
And beefing at the same time
Cause two bad motherf**kers can't get along
Lord knows I wanna go to heaven but I done much wrong
Like jacking, killing and all that
I done f**ked with n***as, take hits, kill babies and all that
But I don't want the baby, I want that n***a
But if I snatch the baby maybe he give it up quicker
With the quickness (know what I'm sayin? this sh*t's for real)
This sh*t's a hobby, this sh*t's a business
[Chorus x2]

[Verse - 2]

Shhhhh, I'm a lay low and catch him while
He's coming out his front door
And hit him with the thirty thirty with the
Scope and that'll be all he wrote
Picture me busting his sh*t wide open
Bullets floating
Through his body coming out his back before
Enemies catch a heart attack
From the sound, trying to get face down on
The ground
But I done touched his a** already before
Sundown now it's time to get my
Cause we done betty, and the n***a now owe
Me fifty more G's
He got the green talkin bout he breaking the key
He said that's all he got I better take it now
He bout to go out of town, that's how he be
Making his rounds
This n***a must take me for some type of b*t*h
But watch how quick I spank the n***a since the hit
[Chorus x2]