Soulja Slim
I’m Soulja
N***as steady tryna figure me out
Wanna know if I run real sh*t
Is I'm a real n***a
Imma tell you what the f**k I'm bout...

[Verse 1]
I’m New Orleans, I’m the murder rate in 1994
I’m the quarter that your score, snort it up and want more
I’m that n***a real n***as love and fake n***as hate
I’m that n***a that went Gold in 98 while I was up state
No promotion at all, the streets ‘gon hear it
Your dead homie was the one posting studio lyrics
I’m out here everyday posted up in the hallway
Just ten feet away my AK lies in the gra**
Next time I bust a n***a a** I’m a leave my mark
Bust his head, cut his throat, and take his heart
You don’t have to start some sh*t it’s gon’ be some sh*t
I'm a quick draw mcgraw figure
Make the first one hit
And the first one is the worst one
I believe in one shot, one kill... get the picture?
I’m America beefing with Afghanistan
They done tore the 'Nolia down, it ain’t nothing but dry land

[Hook x2]
I’m Soulja this, Soulja that
B*t*h n***a what
I played the halls, ran through the cuts
6th court fa sho , the circle, the killing field where the killers chill
On the real, that been my spot since I was lil