Soulja Slim
Imagine making it big in this rap game
And you think it's all good
I'm here to tell you it ain't baby
You got every eye in the world on you
You gotta understand these people fear what they don't know

[Chorus 2x: C-Murder]
Imagine life with no jails or no laws
And no hara**ment on brothers in fancy cars
Now why they wanna trap me, make me a slave
They just mad cause a ghetto n***a breakin bread

[Verse 1: C-Murder]
I'm on the ground cuffed up like a dog
Said my cuffs too tight, but they laugh when they see me fall
I guess my skin too dark for them to hear me
I know they don't like me, for some reason I think they fear me
Quit tripping on my chains and my rings
I want to hit em, but I didn't cause I maintained
They got them FED's on the scene and they swear I got the cream
And the stolen truck green, canine all up in my jeans
They don't realize I'm a soldier
I had 'em p*ssed, ask your son, I know he got a C-Murder disc
Number one in every record store, mom and pops
He tapped my phones, but you know I ain't slangin rocks
Take me to jail is what I tell em, get me off the scene
My first call go to P, put my mind at ease
He told me not to trip, 'cause it's a bigger picture
And if they take you put it on TRU, I'm coming and get ya


Woah, picture life without the crooked cops and without the cell blocks
Would you sell rocks, or would you be like me, I'm shell shocked
And I wouldn't stress it (why), cause I'm already strapped
Bulletproof vested
Waiting to be tested by the devil on that level
I used to sit on the porch with my Uncle Ben
And I watched the murder scene when I was 13, yeah, by the Melpomene
And it made me crazy, and it made me lose my mind
And time to time it crossed my mind
What if that wasn't a crime
Now Slim, would you kill for me and everything that's trill to me
If there was no law, and nobody was superstars
No state trooper cars to follow, you wouldn't have to swallow
Your rocks, or toss your Glocks with the hollows
I'd kill a rich man and drink his blood, would it bring me riches?
Or would I just be selling my soul to them wicked witches
We already in Babylon, the world is a ghetto and God is like the don
N***a wooooah

[Soulja Slim]
Now we get only get one minute to pray and a second to die
Could you picture the darkside before I let these bullets fly
From out my 4-5 see, I know what you mean
Is it life or death? Imagine living life with no breath
My imagination's a motherf**ker when I'm full of stress
Too much killing, I won't supply the world with a vest
But that's impossible. Killing, it's unstoppable
Long as they got bullets and guns they got n***as that's droppable
Real n***as imagine if the world was surrounded by real n***as
We won't have a reason to kill n***as. Feel n***as?
My pain it runs so deep I'm a share it with y'all
Would my own n***as try to cutthroat me while I'm tryin to ball?
Dog, you ain't never seen what I seen
Murder scenes, packets, f**k it hurt to see moms screams
Picture, my n***a Reg reincarnated
Already imaginated us balling and dedicated