Soulja Slim
Pray For Your Baby
[Master P talking]
Check this out
When ain't nothin' else happenin'
And ain't no more money
The only n***a gon' be here for me, huh
Is the n***a that made me, my mama
Ya heard me?

[Soulja Slim]
I thank the Lord I got my mind right
My lifestyle was drastic
Tryin' to avoid the casket
Don't want my son to be a b*st*rd
But y'all wouldn't know
But I seen that a couple of times
The Lord talked to me
Told me put the foolishness behind
It's not worth dying
Tryin' to represent where ya come from
Or makin' beef, because you feel like your that big G
I went the same way, but today, I'm on a higher level
I'm on a paper chase and runnin' behind it like a rebel
I want it all
So me and my mama can ball
The only one that pushed me up, in my downfall
And my pop, been in pennitentaries
10 wasted years
My mama wasted tears
But she brought me up, by herself, without no help
Used to catch whippings with a leather belt
But that ain't stop nothin'
I was a Soulja always into stuff
Elementary school I'm cuttin'
Gettin' caught wrote on the B roll
Mama, come sign me out
I don't like these phony people
Down here to come sign me out
Come bomb me out central lockup
I shoulda put the Glock up
And the two quarters I rocked up

Chorus: [Master P]
Mom, I love you cause you made me
But pray for your baby cause this ghetto got me crazy

I remember Indo sticks and concrete bricks
Dope fiends fix, Deathrow cliques
That pops them sh*ts
Takin' hits
Had to make more grits
Than a homeless man, hungry man
Had to watch my mom twerk here body, for a ceilin' fan
Pops incarcerated so I hated as a child
But as I grew, I got to knew him so I dug his style
Livin' foul, the law was: get it how you live
Friend or foe, never forgive, crack that n***as rib
By any means ness, get your cake support your fam
Don't give a damn, robbin' neighbors for some ham
Even spam was a good dish
See we was poor, when we were sick, moms made us well with a kiss
I'm through, my most respect is due, so I spits my gat
Cracks my back
Makin' sure she gets the lack
So well deservin'
Pervin' in some sh*t I bought her
That's what she told us: remeber that blood is thicker than water