Soulja Slim
Motha Fuck You
Ah-ah, Cut Throat to the motherf**king
Bone gristle, you understand me
F**k another n***a, f**k em

Motherf**k you, and your n***as
Cause me and my n***as, we terrorize n***as
Motherf**k you, and your n***as
Cause me and my n***as, we ride or die n***as

[Soulja Slim]
I spray gats like raid, when the roaches come out
You wanna f**k with the team, then the coaches come out
Holes in your mouth, bullets leaving holes in your house
Ice block so cold, n***as catching a gout
Set I trends, f**king two cat eyed friends
Getting brain in the back, of the cat-eyed Benz
Black eyed lens, looking like M-I-B
When I be, stomping through your VIP
H.N.I.C., represent that MP3
F**k you, you ain't getting nothing from me
But hot lead to your dome, black thick and chrome
That's all I tote, sticky-ayo that's all I smoke
Now there I go rambling, but I could back it up fast
Catch you in the club, I scuffle your b*t*h a**
Brigadors be down to die for me, soldiers be down to ride for me
Bistanders do get hit, no apologies

[Hook - 2x]

Now when the 4-4's, come out
You'd think your whole click was Ludacris, the way they rolling out
It's Curren$y the Hot Spitter, I control the South
Look at who I be around, then you'll know what I'm bout
Brah you don't want me, to come through
Cause one pop out the Glock, I'll leave your fat head with a sun roof
Please understand me, brah when my album drop
Me and C-Murder, bringing guns to the Grammy's
Hoes loving on me, so these n***as can't stand me
But they know I got the heat, like Miami
Hot Spitter got loot, growing like mildew
That with the cameras, instead of the rearview
Hit you point blank range, I ain't even near you
My n***as ain't from Pittsburgh, but we'll steal you
Riding on chrome, all 21 and up
Yours under 18, can't even get in the club so
[Hook - 2x]

Murder instincts we speaking, tweaking
And leave a n***a, leaking on the concrete
You run up with cowards, all I got is one n***a behind me
At a time to cover my back, and other than that
Ain't too many n***as, gon cover my tracks
So I feed him, with a long handle
Man I'm in the desert, and surviving is a strong gandle
So I can't be walking, in the wrong sandles
Feeling like all I got, is me myself and I
Don't know too many, that I can leave my wealth and die
Empty, cause I know that drama will only increase
And who's gonna carry me, when I'm trapped under them bed sheets
Sealing the sheets with hot blood, n***as steady saying they got love
And I'm the one laying with hot slugs, sh*t I've been there
And any n***a that I f**k with, is just like me
So when we beefing, that's the n***a you just might see
But everybody claiming know 12, saying we blow wells
And how I hung with him, but can't say what I done with him

[Hook - 4x]