Soulja Slim
Heata On Me
[Verse 1: Soulja Slim]
Deep down in that south n***a way way under
That n***a Soulja Slim had sh*t poppin one summer
I'm pushing geezy hummer and he pushing my lac
This some throwback sh*t ya'll don't know what's happening
N***as selling they soul for a meal ticket
I been hurting, I keep working and I will get it
I'ma keep it real with it
Had a Archie Manning saints throwback on in a fitted
And some black Reeboks tennis
You already know I got on some black girbauds
With a gun that'll cook a n***a like he fell on the stove
I'ma O.G. lil daddy I still ride with my heat
But I'm coming closer with God asking him to forgive me
Hear me out n***a, feel my pain its all real
These lil boys slanging that iron but they ain't got no kills
Betta stay the f**k from round me with that wild gun firing
They ain't stepping on my back I'm coming out of retirement

[Hook x4]
I keep that motherf**king heata on me
That's why no n***a don't come f**king with me

[Verse 2: B.G.]
I was raised by killers and jackers on the block
Had me holding they macs and nines while I sold rocks
I watched observed and learned
Made 13 hopped off the porch felt it was my turn
First thing I did was got a burner
I knew them old n***as would test me cause I was a young earner
Uptown is dangerous ground n***as get plucked
You know how slim and gizzle roll the streets made us
We get in beef k's bust
We making a statement if you owe then you better pay us
F**k around ya people taped up
You know this chopper city sh*t real you could get ya throat cut
My n***as in the hood doped up
Ready to bang out with ATF whoever we don't give a f**k
Shop stay open we never close
I shouldn't have to tell ya you know how it goes

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3: Soulja Slim]
You f**king with this n***a here
I'm f**king with this n***a too
A n***a have no f**king heart
You know what my trigger do
Rat tat tat a ta ta mane
Make that n***a scatter mane
I'm two thousand big trigger mane
Plus he ain't change
Who who I'm talking to you
Too many n***as ratting now so I only f**k with a few
Make sure I feed that n***a with a long handle spoon
Cause my lil platoon be home soon
I don't f**k with these n***as they just trying to get on
It take way more than screaming out cutthroat to the bone
Sh*t I'm cutthroat to the bone and that's a actual fact
I been committed involuntary and it came like that
So don't be looking crazy frowning up like you don't know me
You heard my f**king accent you heard me holla woodie
I'ma down south third ward magnolia die hard
Cutthroat to the bone gristle
I ain't never scared boy
[Hook x4]